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Andy Wagstaff
Developer, Football Geek and Audio Nerd



Hiya. I’m Andy and I build, design and develop websites for start-up companies and charities.

Please do scroll down to see some of my recent works.




Andy has been working in the I.T industry for over twenty years in formats ranging from data input and repairs to design and web development.

Many, many moons ago, at some point in the early nineties, I was living in bedsit-land, hand to mouth and putting on concerts. My life pretty much revolved around the photocopier of the local post-office, cut and paste retro style all the way, paper, scissors, glue and lots of ten pence pieces, making endless posters for endless gigs.

I had always considered my housemate of the time a bit of a nerd. He’d be forever sitting  in the dark,eating nachos and typing endless somethings into a machine I knew nothing about.

And then one day he stopped me in my tracks. He hid my scissors and in the name of time-saving, introduced me to an early installation of Photoshop.

I have no idea what John is up to these days but I owe him everything for that.


What happened next? I turned into John basically. Photoshop somehow made perfect sense to someone that hadn't seen a computer since the days of blowing up American cities on his Vic 20 in about 1983. It changed the game and it changed my world. I bought myself a number of differing qualitiy laptops and desktops and found myself immersed in working out how the things actually  worked. I learned how to fix computers instead of just tapping stuff into them.  I started earning money repairing laptops and desktops.

And so in 2007 it seemed a natural progression to actually study in these waters and went to Uni taking Computer Sciences.  It was whilst there that I rediscovered my love of all things design, just this time using CSS / Javascript / HTML and not a pair of scissors and a lot of glue in sight.  Although there are similarities....
These days I've stepped well away from anything to do with PC/Laptop mechanics, partially to do with the cash not being in it anymore and more so because my eyes just don't like the tiny fiddly bits.I concentrate now on realising and developing websites, mainly for small / startup companies and charites. These are built using CSS/ PHP / HTML or incorporating CMS such as Wordpress or Drupal. Examples of my recent work can be seen in the section below.

A selection of my latest works


Like what you see? Drop me a line. Lets work together